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Top 12 Haunted Places to Visit in San Antonio

San Antonio, a city rich with history and vibrant culture, also harbors a darker side, steeped in eerie legends and haunted locales. For those brave enough to explore, here are the top 12 haunted places you must visit in San Antonio, where the past refuses to rest.

1. The Donkey Lady

In the southern parts of San Antonio, the legend of the Donkey Lady still sends shivers down the spine. This tale revolves around a woman who met a tragic end, and her spirit now haunts the vicinity of Applewhite Road or Zarzamora Road. Visitors have recounted experiencing strange phenomena such as hearing donkey sounds or feeling their vehicle dip suddenly, as if a donkey had leaped onto it. The chilling atmosphere and the eerie silence make this place a must-visit for thrill-seekers.

Located at: Applewhite Road or Zarzamora Road

2. The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge, shrouded in dark tales and unsettling mysteries, stands as a testament to San Antonio’s haunted past. While the exact details vary, the bridge is a known hotspot for paranormal activity, with numerous visitors recounting unsettling encounters and eerie sensations, making it a spine-chilling destination for those daring to venture.

Located at: The bridge located near the San Juan Mission in the 2400 Block of Ashley Road

3. Midget Mansion (Gillespie Mansion)

The Gillespie Mansion, infamously known as the Midget Mansion due to the short stature of its former occupants, is the backdrop for a gruesome and tragic tale involving a family murder-suicide. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the mansion has earned a reputation for being haunted, with numerous accounts of ghost sightings and eerie occurrences that continue to intrigue and terrify visitors.

Located at: North West side, near the Medical Center at Interstate 10 and Callaghan Road

4. Haunted San Antonio State Hospital

The San Antonio State Hospital is a place where the boundaries between the living and the dead seem to blur. Visitors have reported a range of unsettling experiences, from cold spots to ghostly apparitions, making it a must-visit for those seeking a genuine encounter with the supernatural.

Located at: 6711 S New Braunfels Avenue

5. The Chinese Graveyard (Loma China Cemetery)

This haunted graveyard is a place where sorrow and tragedy linger in the air. Visitors have reported various paranormal activities, including sightings of apparitions and hearing eerie voices, especially after performing a ritual with their car lights at the cemetery’s entrance. The chilling tales surrounding this place make it a fascinating spot for those interested in the paranormal.

Located at: 10445 South Zarzamora Street

6. Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

This historic inn has become a favorite destination for ghost hunters across the state. With a history steeped in battles and untimely deaths, visitors have reported numerous encounters with the spirits that are believed to haunt the premises, including a young girl named Sarah who communicates through a Ouija board, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the already haunted locale.

Side note: My brother and I created a podcast called “Rigor Mortis Paranormal” where people call in their true ghost stories and we interviewed Jo Ann Rivera (property owner). During the interview, we caught an EVP of a baby crying. You can see the video here.

Located at: 1006 Holbrook Road

7. Haunted Railroad Tracks of San Antonio

This site is home to one of San Antonio’s most famous urban legends. Despite the debunking of the original story, the railroad tracks at Villamain and Shane Roads continue to attract visitors yearning to experience the ghostly phenomena reported here, including the mysterious forces that seem to push stalled vehicles off the tracks, saving them from a tragic fate.

Located at: Villamain and Shane Roads

8. The Huebner-Onion Homestead (The Onion House)

This historic homestead harbors the restless spirit of Joseph Huebner, who met a tragic and somewhat comical end. Visitors to this site have reported strange noises and disturbances, particularly involving horses being spooked as they pass by, adding to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere that pervades this haunted locale.

On a side note, my sister was waiting at a bus stop right outside the property and caught a shadow moving behind some trees during the day. You can see the video here.

Located at: 6613 Bandera Road

9. Woman Hollering Creek

This creek is the dwelling place of La Llorona, a figure from Latin American folklore who mourns the loss of her children. The creek has become a hotspot for paranormal activity, with visitors reporting encounters with the weeping ghost and other eerie phenomena, making it a must-visit for those seeking a chilling adventure.

Located at: Between San Antonio and Seguin on Interstate 10, near Exit 591

10. Menger Hotel

This historic hotel is a haven for spirits and ghostly apparitions. Visitors have recounted numerous encounters with the spirits that haunt the premises, including Sallie White and Capt. Richard King. The third floor, in particular, seems to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, with numerous reports of ghost sightings and eerie occurrences that continue to fascinate and terrify visitors.

Located at: 204 Alamo Plaza

11. Suicide Oak

This site harbors a dark and tragic past, with legends recounting the tales of those who met their end here. The tree that once stood at this site became a symbol of despair and tragedy, with the spirit of a young girl who took her life here believed to haunt the area, inciting violence and attempting to lure the weak-minded to a similar fate.

Located at: Corner of Patterson Avenue and Torcido Drive in Alamo Heights

12. Grey Moss Inn

This restaurant, nestled in the romantic Hill Country setting, is believed to be haunted by its original owner, Mary Howell. Staff members have reported smelling her rose-scented perfume and witnessing strange occurrences, particularly when actions disapproved by Howell take place, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to this already fascinating locale.

Side Note: We did an interview with John, owner of Grey Moss Inn. You can listen to the podcast here.

Located at: 19010 Scenic Loop Road

Embark on a journey through San Antonio’s haunted past by visiting these eerie sites. But tread carefully, for the spirits that linger here are restless, and you never know what might be lurking in the shadows, waiting to share their tales with those daring enough to listen!


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